Press Releases

August 10, 2022
Focus Partner Firm Connectus Wealth Advisers Appoints Chief Executive Officer to Join Connectus Leadership Team
August 10, 2022
RT Mosaic Wealth Management to Join Focus Partner Firm Cardinal Point, Increasing Cardinal Point's Scale and Enhancing Its Western Canadian Presence
August 8, 2022
Focus Treasury and Credit Solutions Partners with Community Capital Technology to Offer Online Loan Marketplace Through an Innovative Digital Platform
August 4, 2022
Focus Financial Partners Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results Revenue Diversification, Variable Expense Base and Global Scale Drive Excellent Financial Performance in Volatile Markets
July 21, 2022
Focus Financial Partners to Release 2022 Second Quarter Results on August 4
July 20, 2022
Strategic Capital Advisers to Join Focus Partner Transform Wealth, Strengthening Transform's Capabilities and Presence in Colorado
July 1, 2022
Ross Bennet Smith to Join Focus Partner Firm NKSFB, Expanding NKSFB’s Presence into the United Kingdom
July 1, 2022
Pro Ice Management Group Team to Join Focus Partner Firm Cardinal Point, Enhancing Cardinal Point’s U.S. - Canadian Cross-Border Expertise & Establishing Its Presence in Professional Athlete Market
June 15, 2022
Icon Wealth Partners to Join Focus as a New Partner Firm, Broadening Focus Presence in the Texas Wealth Management Market
June 8, 2022
Focus Financial Partners to Present at the Morgan Stanley 2022 US Financials, Payments & CRE Conference